What is your refund policy?
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This policy outlines the circumstances under which we can issue refunds.

You may be eligible to cancel your order before we have dispensed your medication. This is only eligible if your order was not a special order and it has not been specially manufactured or sourced by us.

When can I claim a refund?

If a medication is dispensed incorrectly by us, i.e. the medication delivered is different to the medication on the prescription, in this circumstance, we will arrange for a courier to collect the incorrect item so we can re-deliver the correct medication at no additional. We may offer a refund rather than a replacement if you prefer.

We cannot refund your medication if it has been dispensed correctly, but it was written incorrectly by your prescriber.

In any other circumstances, whether we offer you a refund of your prescription charges will be at our discretion.   

If your medication was delivered correctly, however, you no longer require it, we would not be able to refund your medication due to health and safety reasons

How can I claim a refund?

To claim your refund, please contact us with more information

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