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How do we send prescriptions to Signature Pharmacy?
How do we send prescriptions to Signature Pharmacy?
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Using our e-prescription tool, SignatureRx you can send prescriptions securely to Signature Pharmacy with no paper prescriptions. SignatureRx complies with The Human Medicine Regulation 2012 and allows you to create a prescription to send securely to our dispensary. You'll even be able to track when the prescription has been shipped and delivered to your patient.

SignatureRx also integrates with leading EHR systems or through direct API integrations so you'll be able to seamless send prescriptions through to us.

If you have your own preferred e-prescription system, we may also be able to accept your prescriptions. Please contact us and let us know.

If you write controlled drug prescription or prefer paper scripts, we can also accept them however please note that we would require the original prescription to be received at our dispensary before we can dispense the prescription. We might also be able to offer you tracked pre-paid shipping labels for you to send paper prescriptions to us securely.

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